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Feri A.

Mr. Harlow provided excellent legal representation to me during a particularly difficult time when I needed someone to really listen to my needs and concerns while also advising me based on what would be in my best interests in the long-run. He was very thorough in his research and planning, while at the same time keeping me well-informed and up to date on all aspects of my case at all times. I would highly recommend him for anyone in need of a highly capable attorney and wonderful human being. His staff is excellent as well. I greatly appreciate all of their efforts and hard work on my behalf


Becky T.

I have known Mr. Harlow for many years and I wouldn't even think of going to anyone else for legal help. He has been there, completely calm and collected, from the beginning to the end of my "situations". In each case, the results have been better than expected. He even checks in after to make sure you're doing ok. His personal investment in his clients makes one comfortable in a difficult situation, knowing that he is doing the absolute best he can.

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Paul C.

From the initial meeting with Mr Harlow until the conclusion of our engagement, Mr Harlow was a consummate professional. He demonstrated his professionalism and knowledge throughout the process. We were able to be as calm as possible based on his demeanor and his display of skills we required. I would advise anyone to contact him for assistance - he will prove to be a great resource. We certainly will use him if we are in need again.

Jay Sonn

I retained Mr. Harlow years ago and was very satisfied with his service. So when I was wrongfully arrested and charged with two felonies last year, I immediately thought about Mr. Harlow. At first, I couldn't reach Mr. Harlow because he was on vacation. So I spoke with other attorneys. They suggested I take a plea deal even before I finished telling my story. Luckily, Mr. Harlow returned my call two days later. After the initial consultation, we decided to fight the charges. It was a long and drawn out process that took more than nine months due to the state's attorney's decision to delay trial. Mr. Harlow always made time available whenever I wanted to meet with him, and we met a lot. He is a great listener and is always patient and respectful. Mr. Harlow followed my advice whenever it made sense and offered his opinion when it didn't. He came prepared for every pre-trial hearing and served witness subpoenas in a timely manner. He even went out of his way and contacted the state's attorney's office to track down a witness. On the day of the trial, Mr. Harlow was sharp and focused. He made great opening and closing arguments and took on two state's attorneys with confidence and composure. He was aggressive but not demeaning and made a great impression with the jury. He improvised on the spot and methodically picked the state's case apart. I never once doubted Mr. Harlow throughout the 3-day trial. We won in the end, and we couldn't have done it without him. Mr. Harlow is a seasoned attorney with decades of experience, a true professional whom I would recommend to anyone in need of a great lawyer. Thank you Mr. Harlow.


Les Harlow is an excellent attorney. He does more types of legal work than just divorce and separation. He has a calm manner and his experience and understanding of the complexities of the legal system are informative and helpful in decision making. He also is very good at figuring out what might happen and letting you know in advance so that you aren't so surprised.

Aud S.

​Mr. Harlow's excellent professional and communications skills were evident from our first meeting during which he patiently listened to the details of our issues. His calm, confident, gentle and respectful style inspired a sense that he would dedicate his outstanding legal skills and knowledge in order to provide the best possible results. Throughout my case, he was accessible, informative and kept us focused on everything required to move through the difficult process. He was able to provide results well above and beyond any that I thought likely. His caring and compassion were evident through the process and afterwords, calling and meeting with us to ensure that we were completely satisfied with his services. I strongly recommend that anyone seeking legal assistance consider asking Mr. Harlow to represent them.

An Administrative Law Client

Attorney Harlow Jr. was a gamechanger with my expungement case. He was able to successfully appeal a myopic, unjust decision by a judge and presented a multi-faceted argument drawing from code & case law. He was so thorough the judge relied only on the first part of his argument, but he had alot more prepared. I would recommend Thomas Harlow Jr. if you want an attorney who is obsessed with winning, has a good staff and regularly communicates, and gives you the confidence of a solid fighter in your corner

Barbara M.

I highly recommend Mr. Harlow. As others have indicated, he is professional, smart, to the point, honest and an excellent listener. He delivers as promised and with great precision. I have known Mr. Harlow for many years and take great pleasure in highly recommending him without reservation. Fortunately, he is as likable as he is competent, loyal and dedicated to his clients. I feel so fortunate to have Mr. Harlow on my side.

R. Waterson

You don’t have to meet many lawyers to get the feeling that the field is disproportionately populated by people who, with a slightly less auspicious upbringing, could just as easily have ended up as shady used car dealers or worse. Thankfully, Thomas Leslie Harlow (Les) is not one of those. Les handled my domestic case, but I’ve used him for other, less emotionally fraught, issues as well, such as will writing and business advice. The reasons I keep going back and am loathe to consider anyone else: He’s smart, rational, reasonable, likable, and, perhaps most importantly for a lawyer, honest and realistic. He’ll tell you his view of a case, not just what you want to hear. He’ll help you prepare the best case that you can, and you feel safe following his advice because he’s had decades of experience (he came highly recommended to me decades ago, in fact).

My sense, too, is that Les has an excellent reputation within the legal community. That’s important. I can imagine that just like most of us, judges respect someone of high character, who plays above board and does not resort to dirty tricks or engage in ethically or legally questionable tactics. I always felt that Les kept my best interests foremost in mind, even when that meant not presenting evidence that felt emotionally relevant to me but was not, in fact, beneficial to obtaining the result I desired. In short, I think that if you’re looking for an outstanding, honest lawyer who will move you expeditiously toward your goal, Les is your guy.

B. Wadhwa

​From the first time I met Mr. Harlow, he made me feel at ease about the case against me. Within 30 minutes of meeting him, he gave me incredible advice and direction on what I should do next. Other attorneys I considered couldn't even fully grasp the main premise behind the case against me. Mr. Harlow impressed me with his experience and vast amount of general knowledge regarding events surrounding my case. He truly made me feel comfortable during a very stressful time. He put together a solid defense and was spot-on with his thinking and approach throughout my experience with him. In my opinion, his level of professionalism is unparalleled in his industry. I was amazed to see him take his own detailed notes regarding my case during my meetings and phone conversations with him, not relying on an assistant or other "partner". This demonstrated to me that he cared for my case and took a vested interest in defending me. I would, without a doubt, use Mr. Harlow's services in the future should the need arise.


Mr. Harlow managed to walk me through a very contentious divorce and custody trial, keeping me calm and informed throughout the proceedings, offering sage and helpful advice and working with me with any issues that came up. I can't recommend him highly enough.

A Google User

Mr. Harlow is an excellent attorney. He is a knowledgeable and avid advocate on behalf of his clients and a very kind human being. He handled my case with great respect and dedication and I obtained an excellent outcome due to his experience. Mr. Harlow is ethical, assertive, trustworthy and very reliable. His reputation for honesty in the legal community is impeccable. I have been a client of Mr. Harlow for more than six years and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an excellent attorney.

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Joanna S.

Mr. Harlow is a very positive and upbeat attorney. He has great patience and listens in great detail and asks many questions to make sure he understands the issue. Mr. Harlow put every single bit of effort into my case, and researched every single angle to be sure that I had the best possible outcome.


Mr. Harlow has provided professional legal services to my family for several years. We found Mr. Harlow to be professional, courteous, attentive and compassionate. He has a wonderful personal touch that mitigates the anxiety one often experiences when dealing with the legal/court system. Mr. Harlow is one of the nicest, most caring professionals I've ever had the pleasure to know. I would recommend him without reservation